SEAL – Seniors’ Learning Value: an Erasmus+ Project

Who trains in small and medium enterprises: characteristics, needs and way to support” [Cedefop 2015] pointed out that trainers in companies have so far received little attention and as their potential multiplier and leverage effect on increasing participation and quality on VET offer remains unspoken.

The diversification of competences standards for CVET trainers, as well as the heterogeneity of the approaches for in-company training, act as a brake on the transnational mobility of these profiles, reducing the potential for growth of these professions.

SEAL -SEniors Learning Value is an ERASMUS+ KA2 Project aimed at designing and experimenting, with new methods, the recruitment and training of trainers and mentors among senior workers, who can thus develop skills and competences according to a personalised learning pathway and act as a learning facilitator with potential empowered functions in peer and informal learning processes in SME-Small & Medium-sized Enterprises- and in Feedback Loop Systems .

The Project will lead to the definition of the professional profile of Senior Learning Facilitator, spendable both in the organization of origin (e.g. in SMES for apprenticeship training or continuous training in a company) and in other contexts or systems that use work-based learning approaches (VET Provider, Territorial Research Centres, Competence Centres, etc.).