“Further education coaches as invited guests” at FH Joanneum

Involving other stakeholders in the SLF Profile definition

The EU project Seniors' Learning Value (SEAL) is concerned with defining a combined competence profile of so-called further education coaches (Senior Learning Facilitators). The aim is to improve cooperation between companies and further education institutions and to coordinate the further education of employees. The participating partners are from Italy, Romania, Austria, Poland and France. The Design & Communication of the Partner FH JOANNEUM Institute in Graz (AT) is responsible for collecting qualitative data in this research project.

On 10 and 23 March 2021, stakeholders from the educational institutions FH JOANNEUM, FH CAMPUS 02, Bit Banagement Beratung and people from the companies Bongfish, AMS, AVL List GmbH, Industriellenvereinigung, DCCS and Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH met. The aim was to jointly gain an impression of the situation in Austria and Styria.

 For this purpose, the focus groups discussed the following questions in more detail:

     How can companies be supported in the further training of their employees?
     What would an ideal coach look like for you or your company?
     What could be recognition models in the company?
     What are motivations for continuing education?

 In the discussions, terms such as "community building", "empathy" and "gender and diversity management" were mentioned. 

Developing an Ideal Senior Learning Facilitator

In addition, the groups also developed their own ideal Senior Learning Facilitator. 
Its requirements are, for example, to identify potential, to inform trainees or to actively approach employees, companies and further education institutions.
The collected impressions and information are compared with the results from the other partner countries. 
This is to enable the development of a training series for potential individuals who could take on the role of Senior Learning Facilitator. 
Employees of the participating companies and institutions can complete the training, which will be developed in the coming months.

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