SEAL: Developing Ideal SFL Continuing Education Coaches at FH Joanneum

What is the profile of

an ideal Senior Learning Facilitator? 

The participants of the meeting, which took place on November 24, 2021. 

What is the profile of an ideal Senior Learning Facilitator? 
The SEnior's Learning Value Consortium dealt with this question online and has now developed it further.
SEAL – Seniors' Learning Value is an "ERASMUS+ KA2" project that aims to use new methods to develop and test the recruitment and training of coaches, mentors among experienced workers. 
On November 24, 2021, the SEAL consortium discussed the further development of the profile of the SFL continuing education coaches online in a partner meeting. 
As expected, the national reports on the state of the art and the needs in Austria, Italy, Poland and Romania were relatively different at this point. 
Nonetheless, the primary involvement of public authorities and business organizations in all countries is seen as key to the profile's success.

Diverse tasks, diverse skills

The basic requirement for SFL candidates was defined as follows:
- They must come from the business world and have already worked in companies. 
- SEnior Learning Facilitators have a diverse and broad range of tasks. 
- This ranges from learning support and labour market skills to mediation between educational institutions and enterprises.

Accordingly, the curriculum and courses should support the development of the core competences and additional country-specific competences.

The importance of an independent "common good" orientation is also essential in most countries. 
The project participants propose an inter-organizational framework. 
The groups of the SFL should be assembled and led. 
An example of this would be a dedicated agency where all stakeholders are represented to set the rules and monitor future developments.

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