ARGO is specialised in the production and coordination of national and transnational development projects. The company’s mission is to improve the local competitiveness of through business development, training and the creation of transnational partnerships.

ARGO offers services to favour the competitiveness of enterprise through the transfer of best practice and the implementation of innovative solutions, inserting them into the international network.

The main services offered by ARGO are:

Consultancy: with a team of qualified experts, the company offers highly specialised services to support the development of SMEs and the nonprofit sector: business plan development, feasibility studies, design of management control systems, financial and budgetary analysis.
Training: the company conducts research and studies on methodologies and innovative tools, handling also training material and contents production in diverse areas of business development, governance and internationalisation. Moreover, the company offers training courses and adult courses on diverse subjects.

Communication and dissemination: development of integrated strategies of communication and dissemination, plans and campaigns. The company combines a strong knowledge of traditional communication and marketing with a profound knowledge of the web, social platforms and the most innovative technological tools developed to communicate the value of projects, actions and brands.

Additionally, the company is specialised in the planning, organization and coordination of international events, conferences, meetings, involvement of stakeholders and governance.