CIS- Business Management School – is a training and consultancy company of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, the association of manufacturers that represents around 900 manufacturing enterprises (involving approximately 41,000 workers). Founded in 1984, it is accredited by the Region of Emilia Romagna for the supply of training courses through public funding. There are 3,500 students per year; 25,000 hours of training using public funds; 900 associate enterprises; 700 business clients; 200 expert collaborators. The offices are located in Reggio Emilia (Region of Emilia Romagna) with a team of 35 staff.
Cis is the leader in Reggio Emilia for training in the industrial system, in an area which is highly competitive on a national scale in terms of exports, technological specialisation and R&D. Among the diverse sectors there are electrical, mechanical, food, textiles, ceramics, plastic rubber, construction and real estate, services.

The associate enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized (75% from 1 to 50 employees). CIS supports the development of entrepreneurial competitiveness and the innovation of local enterprises in collaboration with industry, universities and research centres, the educational system and public administration. To reach its objectives, CIS plans, organises and supplies training for both the young and workers to support young unemployed in the entry of the labour market, adapting the skills of workers to technological and organisational changes, and to requalify adult workers in order to reinsert them back into the labour market.