FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences in GRAZ is participating in the project with the Media & Design Department whose activities are oriented towards realising future communication worlds. The department is involved in the development of designing solutions for products and services, creates and designs contents for various communication channels and works in a creative manner in an online digital environment. In close collaboration with companies and institutions, the department is involved in many experiences of understanding the needs of clients, public and/or private institutions, in aesthetic and functional solutions. The expertise in Media & Design can also be seen in the Research field, where FH Joanneum – Department of Media & Design is active in the following sectors:
“Interaction and knowledge”, aimed at giving knowledge through new technologies
“Interaction and experience” aimed at designing interactive experiences in real learning spaces such as museums and galleries

  • “Simulation and AR” focused on enhanced virtual learning for company training
  • “Concepts and Narration”, using narrative elements to design innovative solutions of branding and didactics
  • “Evaluation Framework”, to develop qualitative and quantitative methods integrated for evaluation by using as example surveys, focus groups and eye tracking.
    The expertise of Fh Joanneum has contributed considerably to the increased value of communication, dissemination and awareness activities for stakeholders in many EU funded projects.