The first action of the project aims to develop an European Common Framework of competencies of the Senior Learning Facilitar professional profile.

Starting from the existing practices of Senior Learning Facilitator at national (France) and european level, considering the boost Enterprise’s role in the upgrade framework of VET policies (COM 2017/563, CEDEFOP 2013 – 2018, Markowitsch Hefler – 2018), the Intellectual Output will be structured in 2 main parts:

1) analysis at national level: description of existing SLF role (tasks) with a in-depth analysis of their inclusion in the Feedback Loop system (formal and informal characteristics), description of existing SLF profile (skills, qualification, etc) and existing training path (EQF referenciation, skill assessment and validation process, methodologies, best practices, etc)

2) design at transnational level: defining the common methodological framework for the European SLF, Feedback Loop and competences for the European SLF.

The SEAL Intellectual Output will be structured in:

  • Overview of formal and informal Feedback Loop System, considering different regulatory mechanisms of the Feedback Loops between VET and Enterprise (as foreseen in Markowitsch, Hefler [2018] liberal, statist, participatory or coordinated). Identify a selection of (formal and informal) characteristics that Feedback Loop must have in order to ensure the SLFs relevance in VET programming. The overview will include the functionality and feasability of the SLF role in the Educational process
  • Common framework of existing qualifications, the regulatory framework and the training pathways for adult trainers in different work contexts (SLFs’ Role Profile Training pathway linked to different productive sectors and Feedback Loop)
  • Transnational criteria for assessment and certification of the SLF skills
  • Validation of the certification prototype
  • Framework of adequate training methodologies and learning methods for Adults, considering the social – emotional sphere urged by asuming the role of Educator in Adult age (self assessment and self esteem)
  • The innovation of the IO1 consists by the fact that the SLF professional profile is yet to be defined at european level.
  • Minimum criteria for a concrete Enterprise involvement in Feedback Loop are still to be defined at European level.


At the end of the research activities foreseen for the realization of this Intellectual Output, the project partnership will release:

  • the “European Common Framework for the emerging skills”
  • and the “Guidelines for validation of the certification prototype addressed to the SLF profile”

Click here to download the IO1 Report