Starting from the results obtained with the IO1 partners will draft a proposal on the National Action Plans, focused on how to:

  • boost the role of the SLF – Senior Learning Facilitator – in training processes and in Feedback Loops systems,
  • enhance the awareness of the SLF profile in VET Systems,
  • bring out the SLF role in Feedback Loops,
  • introduce and develop the SLF training pathways
  • develop training pathways for SLF (certification, competencies validation process, etc)

The document aims to outline a minimum standard and common characteristics to integrate the SLF role in VET System renewal and upgrade.

The main innovation element of this output is the usability of the contents both by VET Provider, Enterprise and Stakeholder (as school, university, research center and development agency at local level).

The National Plan will be carried out through benchmarking analysis and validated by stakeholders (Focus Group and face to face /on line meetings).


At the end of  the activities foreseen for the realization of this Intellectual Output, the project partnership will release: NATIONAL ACTION PLAN to define the SLF training development and to make evident the SLF role in the National Feedback Loop System, considering VET and Enterprise point of view (dual system).

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