Starting from the results obtained with the IO1 and IO2 partners will realise a tool-set to train and assess the new qaualification of the SLF.


  • partners will map and organise the online training pathways in line with the SLF European Framework of Competencies and addressed to lead the certification of the SLF’s competences.
  • a preliminary assessment tool will be produced in order to open the Training Platform, and to detect the SLF candidate’s previous skills
  • partners’ contributions will provide complete Learning outcomes, training methodologies differentiation, assessment and orientation tools for skills validation, and checked with local/national Feedback Loop System
  • the evaluation tools and certification model (document of professional evidences) for previous competences of SLFs will be produced including self assessment, tests, portfolio, peer to peer evaluation
  • Training of Trainers action will be organizes in order to ensure the proper preparation of VET Providers involved in the project.
  • partners will release the certification process and plan at National and/or European level

At the end of the activities foreseen for the realization of this Intellectual Output, the project partnership will release:

  • a collaborative e-learning platform and a selection of open education resourses (OER), tools for self-assessment, open courses will be provided as common ground in order to empower the SLF personalised learning and qualification paths
  • guidelines for SLF candidates, to orienteeing the candidate through the different ways to achieve the competences certification. Guidelines will be revisioned referring on validation and certification process of work developed skills
  • a validation and assessment manual for organisations wishing to play a role in the certification process of SLF profile (local public authorities competents for Education and labour market). The manual will be integrated reporting the best experience that could be emerged during the SEAL’s pilot phase.