The SEAL project is aimed to emerge the know-how represented by senior workers, that is to say workers with a very advanced levels of technical competences, that can be strategically employed to facilitate and strenghten the processes of in-company training and/or work-based learning for different potential beneficiaries.

The SEAL project objectives are:

  • the design and experimentation of a training pathway and of personalised qualification strategies,
  • the development of integrated services at a local level related and functional to the role of the Senior Learning Facilitator, such as: recruitment, training, assessment and evaluation services,
  • the recognition and validation of results obtained in non-formal environments through work experience and/or in-company training,
  • the implementation of certification systems able to highlight the value of Senior workers’ experience visible and available, within the company and the related economic system.

There are also some macro-objectives defined by the SEAL project, which are:

1) Define the optimal criteria to build rigorous and competent partnerships between VET providers and Companies/Enterprises, identifying “the adequate pedagogic support of trainers in line with the most recent developments in the teaching and training of needs in the labour market” [COM(2017) 563 final], in order to promote the acquisition of knowledge in concrete working contexts;

2) Develop a National Action Plan to highlight and validate the SLF – Senior Learning Facilitator professional profile and a roadmap to systemise and relaunch the European contributions in transnational Policy Recommendation to support culture and practices of cooperation between Training systems and the Labour market, consolidating feedback loop mechanisms.