GIP FIPAG is a public interest group of the University of Grenoble Rectorate. It is headed by the Dean and participates in academic counselling in two main areas:

  • Encourage the development of knowledge in society through the international opening and mobilisation of opportunities offered by the EU.
  • Promote the experimentation and innovation in professional training and the links between training and employment.

GIP FIPAG is a training body of professional trainers in the region of Rodano – French Alps.

It designs and produces training courses for trainers, management teams, in-company training managers, social structure advisors, and training counsellors. It offers technical assistance and consultancy services to analyse training systems and their problems. It conducts diagnoses, audits and studies to facilitate decision-making. It produces engineering tools to evaluate skills and specific methodological guides, like the Tuning type guide for the renewal of didactic curricula, in accordance with the Bologna Process.
GIP FIPAG is regularly associated with regional departments of employment and the training of Rhône-Alpes where it contributes in the identification of strengths and weaknesses in training programmes and determines the necessary actions to adapt training mechanisms to regional needs.
It is an instrument of strategic management in the use of new mechanisms of permanent learning, to the service of national and European academic policy that contributes to the construction of a society of knowledge.
The public interest group is divided in 4 departments:
CFA: Apprentice training centre
DAVA: Academic device of professional experience validation
MEE: School – business cooperation
FIF: Training mechanisms
An important part of its action concerns the use of framework actions in European employment strategy and the organisation and promotion of actions taken to develop the school-enterprise rapport within the School-University mission (MEE). The mission of MEE is to lead and accompany projects and actions that bring closer the worlds of national education and that of the enterprise.
The two priorities of training and development of the training system contribute to the definition of many actions at local, national and European level and can assume many different aspects directed towards both students and adults at Grenoble. The following events are organised: school-enterprise relationship week, female entrepreneurship week, identification of professional secondary schools and campus and qualifications, QualEduc, construction of events with professional or business links.
MEE participates in actions throughout the year with the help of partners like MEDEF or professionals, it also supports the certification of professional secondary schools, the Qualeduc process and the creation of training centres.
It creates lasting relations between schools and enterprises, professional sectors and all involved in the local economic sector. It facilitates a better reciprocal understanding of the educational and professional worlds, with the objective of helping the young in the construction of their work project for a successful professional career path.