Founded in 1993, SFC – Sistemi Formativi Confindustria is engaged in initiatives that develop human capital through training, social and economic research, and technical assistance that supports the development of Confindustria, and the competitive and sustainable growth of enterprises at a local and national level.
SFC currently supports more than 80 shareholders who act as nodes in a network across the whole nation. Among these shareholders are: LUISS Guido Carli University, more than 20 VET Providers including founders ITS MAKER, ITS TECH&FOOD, training bodies included in the main DIH – Digital Innovation Hub, management schools linked to the confederal system, local and sectorial associations of Confindustria and enterprises. Confindustria is the majority shareholder. Given the exclusively institutional nature of its activities, SFC is a non-profit organisation and doesn’t give dividend payments to shareholders.
SFC operates as synthesis between the needs expressed by demand (enterprise, associate system, PA) and the opportunities presented by supply (training schools, service companies). The continuous exchange of knowledge between shareholders and stakeholders allows SFC to understand and interpret the training needs of the enterprise system and of business, so that results and best practice developed by shareholders can be shared at a national and European level.

SFC employees are engaged in activities that meet the following 4 priorities:

  • to strengthen the capacity of quality training measures
  • to spread innovation in the approach to relevant contents for enterprises and the PA
  • to contribute to the dynamic national development
  • to contribute to the realisation of an integrated school-training-enterprise system.


  • is in the institutive committee of the Competence Center Cyber 4.0 dedicated to Cyber Security, with the leader University of Roma La Sapienza.
  • is subject to activities of management and coordination ex art. 2497 bis del c.c. on behalf of the controller Confindustria
  • is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the planning, development and supply of training and relative services of technical research and assistance aimed at enterprises and institutions.
  • is part of the body recognised by the Law 40/87 (Body of private managers of training activities that are part of government responsibilities, article 18 of the law 21 December 1978, n° 845)
  • subscribes to EfVET and takes part in activities of dissemination and cooperation on the subject of Education.
  • is an accredited body of Continuous Training presided by the National System of Interprofessional Funds
    SFC’s offices can be found at those of Confindustria. The staff of SFC is represented by a nucleus of 14 people with senior experience in diverse fields of Project management, European Project Design, Education & Training, Communication and Dissemination.

In a European context, SFC collaborates closely with the Confindustria delegation of the EU in Brussels, to develop strategic projects of direct funding in order to sustain and influence the policy debate in European institutions concerned with professional training and permanent education.

In the last two years, some of the projects that have been developed are:

CIRCULAR ECONOMY. The value of sustainability. Providing information, training and awareness to managers and enterprises about the subject of circular economy.

INDUSTRY 4.0 aimed at the technostructure association and SMEs to pass on know-how and competences of focus in the fourth industrial revolution. The project, biannual (2017-18) has been carried out in collaboration with partners of excellence, such as The LUISS Business School, The Polytechnic of Milan, the Digital Innovation Hub and the National Technological Cluster “Fabbrica Intelligente”.

SPECIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL YOUNG ENTERPREUNERS PROJECT (ALTASCUOLA) to strengthen the knowledge of the role of the Confindustria associate representative system, spokesperson of business interests and forerunner of trends that the social and economic system will have to answer to in the future.