The Janusz Korzak Pedagogical University of Warsaw (JKPU) was established and authorised by the National Ministry of Education on 30 April 1993.

Today the JKPU is one of the most successful humanistic non-public universities in Poland. The university has grown dynamically and manages a structured university education in diverse locations such as the Faculty of Social Science in Warsaw, The faculty of social science and pedagogy in Katowice, the Faculty of Lublino, the Faculty of human and social science of Olsztyn, the Faculty of Czuchòw, the Faculty of Szczecin.
The university currently has around 3,000 students and more than 50,000 alumni. More than 100 professors and associate professors teach bachelors and masters programmes, post graduate studies and courses in the following fields: pedagogy, special pedagogy, social policy, social work, languages.
The students enrolled follow both part-time and full-time courses. Thanks to the constant commitment of the Board of Directors and the university management, together in their use of the most modern ICT for the development of enhanced distance training in e-learning and m-learning, the university offers a wide training provision to allow the acquisition of deep knowledge and study qualifications independently of the geographic position and distance of the student. The qualifications released by the JKPU are of the V and VI EQF level (degree level) and the successive EQF levels, through post-graduate studies.
The educational offer is enriched by the numerous open courses and workshops organised within projects co-financed by the EU. Such didactic and scientific initiatives, together with conferences, training courses, workshops and open meetings, create the opportunity to widen the horizons and the continual intellectual development of the professors and students. The university specialises in subjects of social European policies, active social work, pedagogy and social economy.
One of JKPU’s strong points is the teaching team, made up of over 600 qualified teachers, in networks through which they can optimise collaborations with national educational institutes and foreigners to offer their students an education of the highest European standards. Through projects of modernisation of study programmes, the teaching staff is encouraged to implement innovative methods of education based on tutoring, coaching, mentoring and promoting self-entrepreneurship.
In addition, the university has its own publishing house with the main aim of publishing scientific articles, representing a further excellent opportunity to motivate the creative development of academic personnel and the students.
The JKPU has widely developed its policies of internalisation, increasing cooperation at international level with other European universities in accordance with Poland’s membership of the EU. Thanks to its international policies, students are assured the possibility of studying in other European countries.

The university has consolidated its membership of networks and participation in projects of the programme Socrates: EUCEN, European University Continuing Education Network and EuLLearN. JKPU actively collaborates with other European universities in the dissemination of experiences and results in continuing university education.
It is highly experienced in project management and from 2007 to 2014, EU funds contributed to the realisation of more than 50 projects co-financed by Social European Funds, the long-term learning programme and by the programme Erasmus Plus for a total value of 30 million euros. These projects are mainly focused on innovative methods in the field of education and of social innovation.
The approximately 100 partners of the university include academic institutes and centres of research, enterprises, associations and entrepreneurial organisations. JKPU offers its students the opportunity to take part in the changes that are taking place at a local, regional and national level. The success of JKPU is proven by the number of students inserted into the labour market, among the highest in the country.